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Do you always save the world, or is it just on Mondays?

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Sarah Jane is hotter than you
Do you always save the world, or is it just on Mondays?

A community for posting fic and artwork about or involving Sarah Jane Smith, the Third and Fourth's Doctor's companion from Doctor Who, most recently seen in her own spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures and the episode School Reunion from the latest series. She also has her own audio spin-off, the imaginatively-titled Sarah Jane Smith, from Big Finish productions. Any pairings (or none at all) allowed. Icons, wallpaper, spoilers, requests and discussions are all allowed, but make sure they're on topic - ie, about Sarah Jane or Elisabeth Sladen, her incarnation on this earthly plane - and behind a cut where necessary.

Note: Although a lot of the discussion and fic on this comm will be about the Sarah Jane Adventures, it also deals with Doctor Who and its various SJ-related spin-offs. That's a polite way of saying that this isn't a kids community - whilst not all of the fic on here is rated R or above, some of it will be. We trust you not to breach the barriers of legality or your personal comfort zones when you click on an lj-cut, and not to flame us. Sarah's a grown-up (even if she doesn't always dress that way) and can do what she wants. It goes without saying that anyone pairing Sarah Jane with a minor will be summarily banned and their post deleted. There's a more comprehensive rule post here.

Non-British writers may want to check out dw_britglish. Bear in mind that Sarah's original travels took place in the 1970s - so if you're setting your fic on Earth, make it historically accurate!

Tags are your friends! A list of current tags can be seen here or in the left sidebar on the page. Posting with them makes the mods happy.

We're all ridiculously excited about the upcoming The Sarah Jane Adventures spin-off, but please keep all spoilery glee under a cut.

We are affiliated with soniclipstick, tw_archives and harry_sarah. If you'd like to affiliate with us, drop the mods a line at the addresses below.

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tellitslant (@livejournal.com) and ladyvivien (ditto) are your friendly neighbourhood mods. Give them cookies.

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Life on Earth can be an adventure too... {Sarah Jane Smith, The Sarah Jane Adventures}